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MDR Sortation Conveyor

The word Sortation when talking about a conveyor system is the act of identifying cartons on a conveyor and diverting them to a specific destination. The methods of identification vary as well as the methods of diverting. The identification process can happen through a series of bar code scanners or take place simply in a “round-robin” situation which means that all the cartons take turns diverting to pre-determined lanes. The divert type most commonly used with MDR Sortation Conveyor is a Pop-Up Divert. This is a mechanism that raises up when the product arrives at the destination and diverts the carton. The product can be diverted at 30 degrees, 45 degrees, or 90 degrees.

MDR Pallet Handling Conveyor

This is an area that people tend to overlook Motor Driven Roller conveyor. MDR technology has been around for many years but there are many misconceptions about the equipment. One of the biggest and most common misconceptions about MDR is that there are major weight restrictions. We have heard people say many times that MDR is best used for lightweight products. This couldn’t be farther from the actual truth. With a normal carton conveyor, we can convey product up to 1,100 pounds but when we switch to a 2-1/2” pallet roller we can convey loads up to 4,000 pounds. That’s right I said 4,000 pounds! Most standard pallets are in the 2,500-pound range so MDR Pallet Handling Conveyor will handle those loads easily. It really is a great option if you need to move heavy pallets but still want all the benefits that come along with using MDR technology!

“Convey products up to 4,000 pounds”

MDR Spiral Conveyor

Spiral conveyors move loads from floor to floor with an extremely small footprint as compared to traditional inclines or declines. They are ideal for mezzanines, pick modules, and forklift traffic aisles. They move products faster and more efficiently than the floor to floor lifts or vertical reciprocating conveyors. They are much safer than a typical VRC as well. One of the biggest advantages is MDR Spiral Conveyors are very maintenance friendly as compared to standard spiral conveyors with slat or belt-driven designs.

MDR Extendable & Flexible Conveyors

MDR Extendable & Flexible Conveyors are typically used in higher volume loading and unloading situations. These conveyors do not necessarily have to be used in or out of a truck though. They can be used in areas where aisles need to be opened up temporarily or in locations inside a facility that requires the loading or unloading location to change. These units can be mobile allowing you to move them all over your facility as the needs of your business change. The application and desired use will dictate whether or not you choose an MDR Extendable or MDR Flexible unit. We will help you match the correct unit to the right application ensuring that you get your products out the door safely and efficiently.

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