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Expedite Your Distribution Process With An Accumulation Conveyor

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Maximize Productivity

Keeping processes continuous will allow a steady product flow.  As a result, product output will increase.  Maintaining upstream and downstream operations is key to increasing production


Saving capital on labor and materials is key to maximizing profits.  By installing an accumulation conveyor, less manpower is needed to maintain processes and control product flow.  

Prevent Product Damage

Controlling how products line up next to each other is important to keep inventory from being damaged.  An accumulation conveyor provides an extra buffer that allows for lightweight and fragile products to be moved without the risk of being broken or damaged.

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accumulation conveyor

To maintain a steady flow of product, an accumulation conveyor will control the throughput by acting as a buffer between processes, balancing the upstream and downstream operations.

accumulation conveyor

Being energy-efficient, accumulation conveyors idol or ‘sleep’ when product is not detected by a smart sensor.  This saves on energy costs as well as manpower to control product flow.

accumulation conveyor

Products get damaged in production if the proper conveyor equipment isn’t utilized. Accumulation conveyors ease the pressure between large and small products by safeguarding them with little or no space between them.

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Conveyco recently partnered with Russell Conveyor for a three-site rollout.  The schedules were extremely tight and the project scopes changed multiple times.   The Russell team was responsive, flexible and a pleasure to work with.

Thank you Ed Russell and team for the significant role you played in making these projects successful.


Russell Conveyor Equipment has been a great business partner for us.  Helping increase production speed and efficiency, while providing us with custom solutions, and outstanding customer service. They are invested in the outcome of your project.

Powers Distributing

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At Russell Conveyor & Equipment, we manufacture intelligent intralogistics and automated solutions. We use the latest technology to manufacture products that are cost-effective and energy-efficient while maintaining customer relationships.

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