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MDR Accumulation Conveyor is a specialized type of conveyor used in applications where cartons can be stopped on a planned basis and allowed to accumulate before preceding for further processing. This is accomplished by the use of “Zones”. Each Zone is operated independently by its own motor driven roller while at the same time each drive roller is in constant communication with each other across zones to produce the desired accumulation method needed.

MDR Accumulation Conveyor provides a true Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveying system. This is extremely important when products are fragile or lightweight and need a buffer created between products to reduce the potential loss associated with moving products from point A to point B. Sometimes the best way to describe accumulation conveyor is to use traffic analogies. MDR Accumulation Conveyors are the city streets of the conveyor world. They are always used in situations when cartons need to back up or accumulate prior to a merge point or intersection. If you have 10 cars stopped at a traffic light and there is a gap between those cars, (as there should be) then essentially that is what Zero Pressure Accumulation on a conveyor looks like. While this is a great way to reduce the amount of loss due to damages it offers many other uses and advantages. It can be used in any application where products need to be accumulated while products further downstream are undergoing additional processing. This will provide a more consistent throughput and reduce product congestion at key intersections and sortation points in the conveyor system.

Product Release

There are two types of product release with Zero Pressure Accumulation. SINGULATE and TRAIN or SLUG as some people call it. With SINGULATE product is released one unit or carton at a time with each zone waiting until the zone in front is completely clear before starting up. With TRAIN or SLUG all the cartons in the line are released as one unit at the same time. This is extremely important in environments where throughput demands are higher. Most of the control cards from Russell Conveyor & Equipment for our Zero Pressure Accumulation can be set to either SINGULATE or TRAIN/SLUG with a simple programming change.


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