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Types of Accumulation Conveyors: Understanding Your Options

In the realm of material handling, efficiency reigns supreme. We are committed to helping you harness the power of MDR Accumulation Conveyors to enhance your conveyor systems and drive your business forward.

MDR Accumulation Conveyor

Features of MDR Accumulation

MDR Accumulation Conveyors offer versatile features for enhanced efficiency. Individually powered rollers, zero-pressure accumulation, and energy efficiency minimize damage and lower costs.

50% more energy-efficient

Quiet Operation

Easy Start-up and Maintenance

Increased Safety

Lower Maintenance Costs due to Less Moving Parts

Easier Programming Abilities 

Understanding MDR Accumulation Conveyors

MDR Accumulation Conveyors are the cornerstone of modern conveyor systems, designed to efficiently handle diverse product flow scenarios.

Accumulation Capabilities

MDR Accumulation Conveyors are unparalleled in accumulating products, especially in slug mode, where they shine. These conveyors can accommodate various sizes and weights, making them suitable for various applications.

Zero-Pressure Accumulation

One of the key features of MDR Accumulation Conveyors is their ability to create accumulation zones with minimum pressure. This minimizes the risk of product damage while optimizing throughput rates.

Flexible Buffer Zones

MDR Accumulation Conveyors offer flexible buffer zones that can be customized to suit your specific needs. The buffer zone lengths can be adjusted as required, ensuring your conveyor systems operate at peak efficiency.

Smart Control with Photo-Eyes

The inclusion of photo-eye technology enhances the precision of MDR Accumulation Conveyors. This technology ensures that products are conveyed and accumulated with utmost accuracy.

Advantages Over Traditional Conveyors

Increased Throughput and Reduced Product Damage.

MDR Accumulation Conveyors excel in maintaining high throughput rates while minimizing product damage, a stark contrast to traditional conveyors or even minimum pressure accumulation systems. Their ability to buffer products before onward movement is a game-changer.

Enhanced Worker Safety

In today’s workplace, safety is paramount. MDR Accumulation Conveyors prioritize worker safety with their built-in safety features, minimizing the risk of accidents in your facility.

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MDR Conveyor
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Applications Across Industries


Manufacturers benefit from MDR Accumulation Conveyors by ensuring smooth product flow and accumulation, even for products of varying sizes and weights.


Efficient material handling is essential in warehouses. MDR Accumulation Conveyors facilitate precise control over product lines and offer customizable buffer zones for optimized operations.

Distribution Centers

Distribution centers rely on MDR Accumulation Conveyors for accurate sorting and accumulation in preparation for shipping.


In the e-commerce sector, rapid order processing is crucial. MDR Accumulation Conveyors enable quick and accurate order fulfillment, improving customer satisfaction.

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