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MDR Accumulation Conveyor

Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor

Zero pressure accumulation conveyor is an MDR Accumulation conveyor that is a specialized conveyor system where its applications can stop cartons or packages on a timed basis and allows them to accumulate without touching (reducing the potential for damages) before the cartons proceed to the next level in the packaging department. Compare this to “minimum pressure accumulation” where the cartons actually run into each other before there is enough pressure to cause the conveyor to shut off. The way this is accomplished is that this conveyor system uses “Zones” to communicate to the other zones that are within the conveyor line. Each zone operates independently with its own MDR motors and zone controller at the same time each drive roller continues to communicate with each other via an internal network infrastructure to every station to produce the desires accumulation method needed in the business it operates in.

What does MDR Accumulation do?

The MDR Accumulation Conveyor system provides a “Zero” Pressure Accumulation Conveying system. It is vital as far as when products are fragile or lightweight. It provides a solution when products need to have extra buffers made to reduce the potential loss associated with moving products from origin A to origin B. The MDR Accumulation roller conveyor works the same way that a four-way stoplight would stop vehicles on the road. The MDR processes each one to ensure that the right product goes to the right place as safely as it can go. Zero pressure conveyor is used in any application where products need to be held up and checked before they continue down the conveyor line such as if they need to be inspected beforehand. This particular conveyor system application provides a more consistent flow and output but reduces product congestion at the main intersections and sortation points with the conveyor system model.


What is an MDR Accumulation product release?

           The zero-pressure conveyor system uses a product release that tells the rollers when to release the products. It works by using a product release mechanism in the conveyor and tells the computer whether to “SINGULATE “or “SLUG” the products. When it “SINGULATES” the products, the conveyor will release the product one at a time within each station while keeping the rest of the products in the accumulation system until the original product passes through to the next zone. With the “SLUG” system, all the cartons release at once and stream down the conveyor line together. The slug system is for when customers have a higher volume of products needing to be processed. The control cards from the Russell Conveyor & Equipment can be set or programmed to do either one with a simple programming change.

What features does the MDR Accumulation Conveyor offer?

The MDR Accumulation Conveyor (Motor Driven Roller) features technology making it cutting edge machinery in the conveyor system world. It features a 24-volt DC motor, and controller which allows for simple installation reducing the consumption of power and increases the safety of the operators. The MDR can be installed, with the accumulation system logic to provide a collision-free accumulation, where each zone will be a string of conveyors all rolled into one.  A flat belt made of Urethane can be installed on each zone essentially changing the conveyor into a belted conveyor that is driven by the belt it self providing you with the means to incline and decline and also allowing for easy transitions in damp and wet environments in a production operation 

MDR Conveyor Pros:

For applications requiring maximum Accumulation, the MDR Accumulation conveyors offer control and flexibility. Rollers enable powered zones of multiple lengths, while advanced options allow for zero-contact Accumulation. Some of these features include but aren’t limited to are:

  • 50 percent more energy efficient than traditional conveyor systems
  • Quiet operation 
  • Easy start-up and maintenance 
  • Increased safety for operators
  • Lower maintenance costs due to the lack of extra parts
  • Easier programming abilities making changeovers more efficient

MDR Conveyor Pros Continued:

Warehouses and distribution centers rely on these conveyors for fast, smooth movement. Photo-eye technology ensures packages don’t get damaged or crushed.
Motorized rollers are a choice for energy efficiency, low noise, and easy maintenance. MDR Accumulation (motorized driven roller) conveyors to refer to them.
MDR conveyors handle a multitude of products such as:

  • Packages
  • Tote Bins
  • Pallets
  • Tires
  • Cartons
  • Any product that will move on a live roller conveyor

MDR Accumulation Specifications:

 There are many conveyor specifications available at Russell Conveyor, as we tailor the conveyor line based on our customer’s individual needs. Depending upon the conveying application, different controls and accessories are available. Load capacity can range from a few pounds to thousands of pounds per motorized zone. We offer some of the following with many more combinations available:

  • Zero- pressure accumulation with zones as part of a motorized roller conveyor to offer buffering zones between stations for fragile or lightweight products. 
  • Customers can choose variable speeds and reversible motion with an easily programmable feature to incline and decline. Customers can also program the computer cards to make an easy switch from SINGULATE to SLUG on the conveyor line. 
  • Powder coat finishes and galvanized material are available.
    • Powered roller conveyors have two primary functions. They can move product from point A to point B and provides a buffer between products. 
    • The two different materials are essential when used together. Buffering means that if the conveyor is full of product, it will stop. But if the conveyor is empty, it will move forward. 
  •  O-ring style belts. The most common system because the MDR rollers have two grooves. The o-ring belt connects these two adjacent gravity rollers. The o-ring style belts are easy to install, with a long shelf life. Operators can stop the belt by hand causing fewer work-related injuries due to the conveyor line itself. Older conveyor lines that are chain driven use chains to link the rollers that break easily making the environment hazardous to operators. Therefore because MDR Accumulation conveyors have small, distributed motors that are very safe. 


MDR Accumulation Conveyor
MDR Accumulation Conveyor
MDR Accumulation Conveyor

In Conclusion:

To make the best use out of the MDR Accumulation technology: the total conveyor length is divided into individual zones. Russell Conveyor sizes each zone based according to the product a customer is moving, using at least one motorized roller in each station. The MDR uses the ZPA or Zero-Pressure Accumulation to ensure your products get down the conveyor system quickly and safely. The MDR technology ensures products never touch each other decreasing the costs help in loss prevention. There are no gaps in the assembly line, so everything runs at a consistent pace keeping the production lines moving which reduces programming time. To learn more about one of the many High-Quality MDR roller manufacturers, please visit or To save your production time, cut loss prevention costs, and minimize operator injury, let us at Russell Conveyor built the right system for you. 

MDR Accumulation Conveyor
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MDR Accumulation Conveyor
MDR Accumulation Conveyor is a specialized type of material transport used in applications where goods can be stopped on a planned basis.
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