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Automated Conveyor and Sortation Systems

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Automated Conveyor and Sortation Systems

Russell Conveyor & Equipment Sortation Systems offer reliable and efficient order processing while being the center of a modern distribution center. We provide a range of automated conveyor and sortation systems guided by advanced software to optimize warehouse operations, material handling, and supply chain demand.

Automated conveyor and sortation systems are commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers to automate the process of moving products from one area to another. These systems use a variety of sensors to detect when a product is placed on or removed from a conveyor belt, which then triggers the system to move the product to the correct destination.

This can help speed up product handling and can also help improve accuracy and consistency. Many automated conveyor and sortation systems also include features that can identify and remove defective products from the line, helping to ensure that only quality products make it to their final destination. If you’re looking for a way to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse or distribution center, an automated conveyor and sortation system may be the perfect solution.

Benefits of a Sortation System:

  • Optimize output for all product types
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Cost-Effective
  • Develop efficient cross-docking processes
  • Employ zone-skipping strategies
  • Automate end-of-line palletizing operations
  • Integrate with warehouse execution systems
sortation conveyor

Providing intelligent solutions to everyday problems, the sorting conveyor pushes products gently down the conveyor line. Without using a warehouse sorter in a distribution setting, the cartons would need to move manually, slowing production. These warehouse automated conveyors are best suited for high throughput operations that require products to flow to many specific destinations.

Types of Sortation Systems

There are many types of sortation systems, but the most common are gravity systems, belt systems, and pneumatic systems.

Gravity systems use a hopper or bin to stack the product. When the bin is full, gravity pulls the contents down to be sorted and dropped into a chute or another bin.

Belt systems use a conveyor belt to move the product, which is then sorted by size and dropped into different bins or chutes.

Pneumatic systems use pressurized air to move the product, which is then sorted using various techniques such as jets, suction cups, or vibrators. This system is self-contained, so there are no moving parts that can damage the product. However, this system does not work well with products that have sharp corners or are very small.

Automated Sortation Conveyor Systems

The Automated Sortation Conveyor System uses conveyors, diverters, and warehouse management software (WMS) to quickly move products through a facility. Using a system integrator and software, the conveyor moves products quickly and efficiently. This allows warehouse management to cut labor and maintenance costs.

A conveyor diverter is sometimes needed to divert, or shift, a product of a certain shape or size to a different lane or area. A merging method tracks, identifies, and transports these materials throughout the entire process, which prevents products from getting lost.

Warehouse sorting allows lower labor costs as it doesn’t require as many operators. Our systems are modular by design, allowing you to expand as demand grows. This solution is ideal when you need to increase throughput and decrease labor costs.

There are many types of automated sortation systems used in a wide variety of applications. There are three types of specifications to keep in mind when determining what type of system may be best for your application.

These types include:

  • Bidirectional – Bins enter the system on one side and exit on the opposite side.
  • Unidirectional – Travel on a single path from entry to exit, either picking up or dropping off loads as they go.
  • Multilevel – Utilize multiple conveyor types including gravity and mechanical types as well as many types of automated transport types.

Sortation System Diverter & Sorter

Choosing the correct diverter and sorter can be determined by the physical attributes of the conveyed items, space limitations, and throughput rates. The diverter uses a bar code scanner system to place a variety of products in an accumulation holding area. Afterwards, the cartons take turns moving into predetermined lanes. This conveyor product can divert at 30 degrees, 45 degrees, or even 90 degrees.

The divert most commonly used with the sortation conveyor diverter is a Pop-Up Wheel Divert. High-friction wheels rise up between the belts to accurately separate product and move to specified lane. This is designed to transfer small to medium sized items such as boxes, cartons, or totes. Afterwards, product can be transferred from either side of the sorter. This system expedites the packing and shipping process at an efficient rate.

Sortation Conveyor Diverter Features

Types of sorters include:

  • Sweeper sorter
  • Crossbelt sorter
  • Paddle sorter
  • Pusher or puller sorter
  • Tilt Tray sorter
  • Push tray sorter
  • Strip-belt sorter
  • Popup wheel sorter
  • Shoe sorter
  • Bombay sorter
  • Vertical sortation system
  • High-speed sorter
  • Narrow Belt sorter
90 Degree Transfer
sortation conveyor diverter

Warehouse Sorter is Gaining Popularity

The warehouse sorter has gained popularity because of its ability to make production lines run more quickly and efficiently by increasing the sort rate while decreasing product damage. Because operators alone are no longer enough to keep up with the rising demand of e-commerce and order fulfillment, we are here to help.

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