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Automated Conveyor Sortation System

The Automated Sortation Conveyor Systems:

The Automated Sortation Conveyor Systems implements and utilizes a sorting conveyor, a sortation conveyor diverter, and a warehouse sortation together to provide our customers with smart automation solutions. Together these different yet versatile components can increase efficiency and accuracy in a warehouse setting while cutting labor and maintenance costs. The sortation conveyor moves cartons from point A to Point B within the warehouse. The sortation conveyor diverter uses technology to divert cartons using a merging method that tracks, identifies, and transports cartons throughout the distribution line. The warehouse sortation allows the distribution to cut down the need for operators decreasing labor costs. Whether the facility requires a sorting conveyor, a sortation conveyor diverter, or a warehouse sorter, we have access to versatile solutions that accommodate faster implementation, modularity, and the ability to operate in minimal space. This versatility is ideal when productions need things moved at a quicker rate. 

automated sortation conveyor systems

What is a Sortation Conveyor?

The Automated Sortation Conveyor System uses a zero-pressure accumulation method to gather cartons into a corral protecting products from damage along the way. The Sortation Conveyor will then identify, weigh, and arrange the cartons. Next, it will divert those cartons down to their designated lane, and the next process in development. The Sortation Conveyor increases productivity by implementing a warehouse sorter that sorts products and sends them to places in the warehouse. This programmable feature is unique because it is modified easily. The computer technology is easy to program, allowing customers to speed up or slow down the sortation conveyor without a hassle. The Automated Sortation Conveyor Systems does not have extra chains, springs, or mechanical components. We offer a wide range of pallet management and reverse logistics solutions. Our mission is to reduce your costs. We strive to raise clients’ bottom lines by reducing their indirect expenses. 

warehouse sorter

What is a Sortation Conveyor Diverter?

The Automated Sortation Conveyor Systems uses a bar code scanner system to place cartons in an accumulation holding area. Then the cartons take turns moving into predestined lanes. A Pop-Up Divert is a part of the sortation conveyor system that rises when the products arrive at the right spot and time. This conveyor product can rotate and divert at 30 degrees, 45 degrees, or even 90 degrees. At Russell Conveyor & Equipment, our sortation conveyors are High-Quality products and contain MDR technology. At Russell Conveyor & Equipment, we can guarantee your conveyor system will work and, the warehouse sorter will be on every production or distribution line in America shortly. It will cut power costs down by 75 percent and reduces the noise output within the operation entirely. The Sortation conveyor is an Automated Sortation conveyor system that little investments create big rewards because it’s packed with the latest technology. 

What makes the Automated Sortation Conveyor the ideal warehouse conveyor?

The Automated Sortation Conveyor Systems is for directing products from one conveyor line to another. This conveyor integrates an introduction system, system merging, and sortation diverting methods to accomplish this goal. The Sortation Conveyor fits every operation’s need to identify, track, and transport products. The Sortation Conveyor speeds up the order fulfillment process making operations run smoother. It accomplishes this goal by sending cartons one at a time or all together. There are a variety of technologies used in the industry. The sortation conveyors work best for operations with high output that require products to flow to different locations. This type of material handling system helps increase productivity while saving the company money by cutting labor costs. The Sortation conveyor that will be the right fit for your operation will depend on the size, the weight of the products, and how heavy the output traffic will be throughout the distribution.

How does the Automated Sortation Conveyor Systems operate?

The Sortation Conveyor is a warehouse conveyor that separates products by sending cartons down to designated lanes to arrange and accumulate them for better and efficient distribution. This method increases productivity on the operation floor because the conveyor moves faster than an operator. The Sortation Conveyor is optimized when high quantities of products need to flow in different directions. This warehouse conveyor system is to expedite the packing and shipping process at an efficient rate. The identification process can only happen through a series of bar code scanners or a “round-robin” situation making the cartons take turns moving into pre-determined lanes. The diverting type most commonly used with the sortation conveyor diverter is a Pop-Up Divert. The Pop-Up Divert is a mechanism that rises when the product arrives at the destination and diverts the carton. The product can move at 30 degrees, 45 degrees, or 90 degrees.

What is a Sorting Conveyor?

The Sorting Conveyor is the ideal solution for separating products from the in-feed conveyor lines to shipping lanes. The sortation conveyor does this because the sortation conveyor diverter can divert those products down multiple shipping lanes. The diverter can send cartons down the line using photo-eye technology. The photo-eye will send the cartons down one at a time or all together. The Sortation Conveyor is versatile because it sorts through a wide range of product sizes and weights. The Sorting Conveyor can meet growing demands on the production floor. These challenges can range from small order sizes to increased accuracy in shipping productivity. Conveyors are essential for moving products from one area of a facility to the next because the sortation systems separate products into individual lanes typically associated with an outbound destination. Various types of sorting conveyors are often connected to create a fully functioning material handling solution.

Why Warehouse Sorter is gaining popularity?

With the rising demand for e-commerce, sortation, and conveyor systems have to evolve. The Sortation Conveyor needs to transport products for store replenishment and move individual items and packaging types, including cases, totes, and cartons. This increase is because the rise of internet buying has created a traffic jam in the packaging and distribution industry. Distributions can not handle the demands without evolving the sorting conveyor system. The increase has created problems as distributions scramble to seek solutions. The Automated sortation conveyor systems address a wide range of emerging challenges:

  • Increase output to keep up with high order volumes and SKU proliferation
  • Improve order accuracy to minimize returns from processing
  • Develop cross-docking processes to alleviate storage and handling problems and requirements
  • Employ zone-skipping strategies to mitigate shipping costs and expedite deliveries
  • Automate end-of-line palletizing operations for manufacturing fulfillment environments
  • Integrate with warehouse execution systems to drive greater levels of automation



What are the Sortation Conveyor Diverter features?


Some of the warehouse Sorter functions and features are as follows but are not limited to:

  • Sweeper sorters
  • Cross-belt sorters
  • Tilt-tray sorters
  • Push tray sorters
  • Strip-belt sorters
  • Popup wheel sorters
  • Bomb bay sorters
  • Vertical sortation systems

The Automated Conveyor and Sortation Systems provides flexibility and can accommodate around small spaces within the distribution floor. The technology used within the sorting conveyor can move products without being crushed using a zero-pressure accumulation system. The warehouse sorter is used for inclines or declines within the production line as well. The objective is to get products and cartons from one side of the floor to the other quickly and safely. 

Why choose Russell Conveyor for your Automated Sortation Conveyor?


Russell Conveyor & Equipment will rise above the industry standard by providing our customers with the most robust and versatile sorting conveyor and warehouse sortation systems needed to address modern economic and escalated commerce. The need for a high-quality sorting conveyor system has never been more important with online shopping on the rise. Because our team values building long-lasting relationships with our customers, we can guarantee that we will offer conveyors to fit every operation need. Our Sortation Conveyors can include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Pallet conveyors
  • Accumulation conveyors
  • Transportation conveyors
  • Vertical indexing conveyors
  • The Sortation conveyor system may be Cross-Belt Sorters, Pop-Wheel, Rollers Sorters, a variety of diverse conveyors, and other automated sortation systems. 

When integrated effectively with existing material handling operations conveyors, can move products, sort those products, or even convey full pallets of goods throughout the facility, sending them to any location in the warehouse. 

Automated Sortation Conveyor Systems: The warehouse sorter  solution 


In Conclusion, Automated Sortation Conveyors is the most popular and accurate sortation system. They provide intelligent solutions to everyday distribution problems because the sorting conveyor pushes products down the conveyor line. Without using a warehouse sorter in a distribution setting products, would need to be moved manually. The Sortation Conveyor system will meet the growing demand for any distribution that needs to fill order sizes. From smaller operations to operations with a high shipping accuracy with frequent shipments to improve the distribution operation. The warehouse sorter integrates an induction system, the system merges, and sortation diverts. These are tailored to each warehouse sortation operation to identify, track, and transport products to expedite the order fulfillment process. These conveyors are best suited for high throughput operations that require products to flow to numerous locations. We will only sell High-Quality conveyors. Call us today and let us do the sorting for you.

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