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The Energy Savings you will see with MDR conveyor technology is very significant. It is almost mind boggling if you take a close look at it. Obviously the larger the system the more you save so the only cap to the savings is determined by how much equipment you own.

With that said let’s look at the numbers closely and assume the following system facts.

  • Based on approximately 900 feet of conveyor
  • 24/7 – 6 Days a week = 7,488 Yearly Operating Hours
  • 18 drives for conventional belt conveyor system. One motor per 50’ of conveyor
  • 30” zones on the MDR at 2 amps 24VDC each
  • $0.08 per kilowatt hour power rate

MDR Run on Demand technology typically sees 25% – 50% run time vs. conventional belt conveyor systems. If there isn’t a carton on the system to convey the MDR doesn’t run.

Lower energy cost compared to traditional conveyor

Conventional Belt Conveyor System

18 Drives (2 amps each) @ 480VAC = 29,894 Watts/1,000 = 29.89 KW x 7,488 Yearly Operating Hours =223,816 KW Hours x $0.08 = $17,905 Yearly Energy Costs

MDR Conveyor System

360 Zones (540 Amps 24VDC), (14, 480VAC power Supplies) = 23,251 Watts x .50 (Because of the 50% Run on Demand factor) = 11,625 Watts/1,000 = 11.62 KW x 7,488 Yearly Operating Hours = 87,010 KW Hours x $0.08 = $6,960 Yearly Energy Costs

This is a $10,945 Yearly Savings based on 50% Run Time

If throughput on a system is a little lower, then you could be looking at under 50% run time which only continues to improve the overall savings putting more dollars back in your pocket!

One Additional Note:

 You should also check with your local power company to see if rebates are offered for MDR conveyor. For example, our local power company in North Carolina is offering up to $0.08 per KW hour saved in the first year of use for replacing an existing system. Assuming the 900’ system described above was a replacement @ 136,806 KW Hours saved the first year = a total rebate of $10,944.48. In a world where every penny matters in business that could be huge when trying to justify the, (ROI) return on investment.

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