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Honesty Is The Key


Lead times are a touchy subject with some manufacturers. Unfortunately, we see a lot of manufacturers that are actually saying one thing and doing another. For example, I know of one manufacturer that claims to have a quick ship program and they ship powered conveyor out in 3-5 business days. However, we know for a certainty that their leads times right now are closer to 10-12 weeks. Our approach is different. Rather than claiming to have 3-day quick ship program we try to maintain daily communication with our parts suppliers so we can list our conveyor lead times right here on this page of our website. Now this will always be for standard sizes, standard equipment. If it is a custom application, stainless steel, washdown or freezer environment then these times listed would not apply.

One more thing. When a manufacturer says 6-8 weeks we promise you it will be 8 weeks. Giving a range makes the number look better and installs false hope that the equipment will arrive earlier than expected.