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Explaining the Conveyor system:

A conveyor system is a type of material handling equipment used to transport material from point A to point B making life within a factory or business more productive and cost-effective. Conveyor lines are the bread and butter to most businesses for a wide variety of reasons. 

  • Conveyors can safely transport heavy materials from one area to another without the need for human interaction or expensive labor costs. 
  • They can be installed and fitted into almost any corner and eliminates the need for the cost of forklift machines to move materials. 
  • They have advanced safety features preventing the risk of work-related injuries. 
  • There are a wide variety of different conveyor belt systems that can be made makes them very versatile to meet the needs of any business. 

Without well-made and reliable conveyor systems products get damaged, lost, or shipped to the wrong place. Common conveyor types are roller conveyors (or gravity conveyors), belt conveyors, powered or motorized conveyors, and advanced sortation systems. Each one is designed to function for a unique purpose. The MDR or (Motor Driver Roller) conveyor system uses technology thus creating more efficiency, cuts down repair costs, and doesn’t need to have parts replaced as frequently. 

    Conveyor Manufacturer:

    There are many conveyor line manufacturers in the market today, but at Russell Conveyor and Equipment we use top of the line technologies to manufacture an efficient High-Quality product conveyor system for our customers to help make their businesses run smoothly and more efficiently, ultimately saving our customers money in the long run. Russell Conveyor and Equipment uses a variety of conveyor products to meet all the needs our customers have, from transportation conveyors to pallet conveyors, to zero pressure accumulation conveyors to ensure our customer’s specific need requirements are met.

    Traditional conveyors usually consist of belts that are being stretched between two or more pulley systems so that the belt may rotate which thus moves the products from one line to another. Traditional conveyors often have extra parts, springs, and hardware that gets in the way of employees causing more work-related injuries, there noisy because of all the accumulating parts, and they cost businesses thousands of dollars on routine maintenance and power bills yearly. 

    What makes us unique:

    At Russell Conveyors we offer a wide variety of non-powered and MDR (Motor Driven Roller) conveyor models that can be customized to ensure our customers begin to build a life-long business partnership with us. Some of the conveyor product lines we offer are as follows; 

    Each conveyor system has a specific goal and purpose in which the MDR (Motor Driven Roller) and is made up of three different main conveyor systems that work together internally within the roller system. It uses zero pressure accumulation, transportation, and sortation conveyor sections all powered to Motor Driven Roller (MDR) technology to get the job done not only quickly with fewer errors but outperforming every traditional conveyor line with its “Run on Demand” technology. With the Russell Conveyor MDR or Motor-Driven Roller customers can be ensured that the conveyor system will,

      • Reduce workplace injuries by providing cleaner, and safer equipment
      • Reduce power consumption by up to 75% by utilizing the “Run on Demand” Technology
      • Reduce noise by up to 80%
      • Reduce maintenance costs since it does not need all the extra equipment
      • Reduce the single point of failure areas within your conveyor system
      • Increase versatility
      • Increase Reuse & Resale values
      • Reduce overall operating costs

      What this Conveyor system do for you:

      This particular type of conveyor system utilizes its drive rollers. They have a brushless motor embedded within a conveyor roller tube. A singular motorized roller tube then mechanically links to non-powered rollers creating a control zone within the conveyor system. The collection of these powered zones is arranged end to end to form a line of continuous conveyors. The mechanical performance (torque, speed, and efficiency) of drive rollers equipped with these motors is right in the range of that need for roller conveyor zones. When they need to convey general use boxes regardless of size and weight was seen in typical modern warehouse and distribution applications. The roller conveyor zone can easily handle carton boxes weighing 75lbs because they can be, controlled individually. The conveyor style lends itself to a network-based distribution method by utilizing the Zero Pressure Accumulation or (ZPA) conveyor. 

      Russell Conveyor & Equipment

      CEMA Standard:

      With all this new technology and the variety of conveyor systems, Russell Conveyors can offer different variations that increase performance and reduce costs. This type of conveyor technology system has been growing steadily in the last 20 years since online shipping has increased. The advancement is because the roller conveyor can handle cartons are in the size range of mail and online shipments at a much more economical pace. It has grown so much that (CEMA) or Conveyor Equipment Manufacturer’s Association has created a series of guidelines for their operation.

      CEMA has accomplished this by stating that DC gear mounts reducing noise, providing a safety feature in its own right. Traditional AC motors are more powerful than DC motors. The AC motor generates higher torque. After all, they utilize a more powerful current; however, DC motors are technically more energy efficient while still producing enough power to meet the industry requirements. The DC motor’s efficiencies cut power costs down by up to 75% increasing the profit margin for any business who utilizes this conveyor system technology. 

      What will our Team do for you?

      Our sales team will work with your company to always make sure you’re getting the most use of your conveyor system. Russell Conveyor’s sales team will help you answer these questions, and it is a guarantee that we will never sell you something you do not need to make your business more efficient and successful. Allow us at Russell Conveyors to take your business to the next level, always have the right equipment at the right time and in the right place. 

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