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Russell Conveyor & Equipment offers a full range of conveyor systems and material handling technologies. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and assembling many different types of conveyors for various industries. We work closely with our customers during the design and implementation phase to ensure the system will provide the desired results.

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Complete Range of Conveyor Systems and Solutions

Conveyor Solutions

Accumulation Conveyor

Accumulation conveyors are used to temporarily stop or hold material during the fulfillment process. This is important to reduce or stop damages to lightweight or fragile packages due to pressure build up. Accumulation conveyors can provide zero pressure which keeps the packages from touching or minimum pressure which allows light touching.


Transportation Conveyor

Transportation Conveyors move products from one point to another without stopping. This conveyor system is crucial in transporting items where there is no accumulation of product. The rollers move at high speeds for efficiency in material handling. This type of conveyor  is comparable to an interstate system; it gets items to their destination as quickly as possible with no stops.

Conveyor Solutions

MDR Spiral Conveyor

Spiral conveyors move loads from floor to floor with an extremely small footprint as compared to traditional inclines or declines. They can be easily integrated with new or older systems and the spirals provide smooth accumulation that can be zero or low-pressure. They are safe, reliable, and easy to modify if reconfigurations are needed.


MDR Flex Conveyor

MDR Extendable, Expandable & Flexible Conveyors are useful where movability, portability, and compactness is essential. They can be used in facilities where spaces such as aisles need to be open temporarily or where the loading/unloading location changes. These units can be portable allowing them to be moved around the facility, as needed.

Conveyor Solutions

Gravity Conveyor

Gravity conveyors are a great economical option for conveying loads when no motor power is needed. They move materials from one area to another where a slope with a slight pitch can be created, and gravity does the work. They can be curved, straight, spiral, and part of a larger conveyor system. Gravity conveyors are perfect for staging different types of products in picking, fulfillment, and assembly areas as well as truck off-loading.

Pallet Conveyor

Pallet Conveyor

A pallet conveyor is a material handling system designed for the efficient transportation of palletized goods within a facility. Pallet conveyor system enhances the overall logistics and operational efficiency by automating the transfer of palletized loads from one point to another.

Sortation Conveyor

Sortation Conveyor

A sortation conveyor is a specialized system that automatically categorizes and directs items to specific destinations based on predetermined criteria. It incorporates sensors, diverters, and other mechanisms to identify and separate items for efficient sorting in distribution centers or warehouses. This technology is crucial in optimizing order fulfillment processes by ensuring an accurate and timely route of products to their designated locations.

Conveyor Accessories

Conveyor Accessories

Conveyor accessories refer to additional components and features that enhance the functionality and performance of conveyor systems. These may include items like guards, guides, sensors, and controllers designed to improve safety, facilitate smooth material flow, and enable automation in handling various types of goods. Conveyor accessories play a key role in customizing conveyor setups to meet specific operational requirements across different industries.

Conveyor Benefits

Russell Conveyor will provide you with a turnkey conveyor solution that will help improve worker safety and production output and reduce costs. The conveyor system will be fully integrated into other existing technologies and exceed your throughput requirements.

  • Safety – Improve worker safety by reducing the amount of time workers spend walking.
  • Increase Productivity – Improve production output by moving materials more quickly and efficiently.
  • Lower Operational Cost – Reduce costs by automating repetitive product moves between locations.
  • Modular Design – Easily adapt to changes in production needs, which can help keep your business running smoothly.
  • Easy Integration – Can be easily integrated into other existing systems, making them an efficient and cost-effective way to move materials.

Conveyor System Design and Engineering Services

Russell Conveyor & Equipment has provided real-world System Design & Engineering Services for our clients for over 20 years. We specialize in designing and engineering the highest quality conveyors on the market. We also design, engineer, and manufacture all products in-house. Our strength is in our team of engineers who have extensive facility operations backgrounds. With our experience, our team of experts can solve unique issues and develop customized solutions for our customers.

  • Design – It is critical to the efficiency of the overall system. The system has to accommodate the packages and speed to ensure that the boxes are moving fast enough to meet production while not being damaged. At the same time, avoiding obstacles and creating pinch points in the system.
  • Engineering – It is key to ensuring the conveyor runs smoothly and efficiently. They must be appropriately calibrated to ensure that products are moved as quickly and efficiently as possible with no errors. It requires a lot of expertise and knowledge to get it right while staying within the allotted budget and intended ROI.
  • Reliability – Each Conveyor system is tested to ensure that the conveyor system can function properly and consistently. We use fault injection, cyclic testing, and accelerated life testing to ensure that the system not only works under normal conditions but also in extreme conditions. To give you peace of mind that your conveyor is reliable in your day-to-day operations.

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