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Transport Conveyors
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MDR Transportation Conveyors simply move products from point A to point B without stopping. To use a traffic analogy, these conveyors are the Interstate System of the conveyor world. They move products from start to finish without stopping. For example, you can get on Interstate 40 here in our home state of NC and drive all the way to California without one traffic light. There are two main types of MDR Transportation Conveyors which may be used depending on the item itself and other important varying factors, including speed and design requirements along the route.

Main Types of Transportation Conveyors:

Live Motor Driven Roller Conveyor 

This type of Transportation Conveyor is Live Roller Conveyor. Live roller conveyors move their applied loads by giving power to some or to all of their rollers. These conveyors are best used for stable or firm loads and again are driven strictly by the rollers.

MDR Conveyor-Transport ConveyorsMDR Belted Zone Conveyor

The second type of Transportation Conveyor is the MDR Belted Zone Conveyor. These conveyors are used when you need high friction between the belt and the item being moved such as inclines and declines. Sometimes it is necessary to combine Live Motor Driven Roller Conveyor and our MDR Belted Zone Conveyor to provide to the best result for the product being transported.


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