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Motor Driven Roller (MDR) Transportation Conveyors move products from one point to another without stopping. This conveyor system is crucial in transporting items where there is no accumulation of product. The rollers move at high speeds for efficiency in material handling. This conveyor type is comparable to an interstate system; it gets items to their destination as quickly as possible with no stops.

Features of MDR Transportation Conveyor

  • For bulky or small item transport
  • Quick start-up and low maintenance
  • More energy-efficient than traditional conveyor systems
  • Quiet operation
  • Minimize or eliminate manual labor
  • Increased safety by reducing risk of accidents
  • Ensure food handling safety (if applicable)
Transportation Conveyor

There are two types of Transportation Conveyors:

MDR Live Roller Conveyors

MDR Belted Zone Conveyor

MDR Live Roller Conveyor

Live roller conveyors move their applied loads by providing power to either some or all of their rollers. These conveyors are best used for stable or firm loads and are driven strictly by the rollers. We design conveyor configurations based on your warehouse needs. We ensure adaptability for your light-duty or heavy-duty material handling requirements.

MDR Belted Zone Conveyor

Belted Zone Conveyors are used when high friction is needed between the belt and the item being transported, such as an incline or decline. This keeps the products from tumbling due to gravity. Belted conveyors are idea an ideal option for facilities with multiple levels. Sometimes it is necessary to combine Live Motor Driven Roller Conveyor and our MDR Belted Zone Conveyor to provide to most efficient path for the product being transported.

Belted conveyors are one of the most universally used conveyor types. Compared to other powered conveyors, they are one of the most cost-effective options. Because of their versatility, they are used for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, food processing, and other bulk item handling. They can also be adapted for small item conveying as well.

Transportation Conveyor
Transportation Conveyor
Transportation Conveyor

Depending on the product being conveyed, we can add a belt to any of the custom-built conveyor modules. We can help determine which would be the best fit for your business. To learn more about the conveyor types we offer, give us a call today. We are here to help.

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