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Planned Service

While we believe our MDR conveyors are some of the most efficient and maintenance-friendly conveyors on the market today our team of field service technicians are in place to ensure that you always have the support you need to keep your equipment running. From planned PM inspections to Drive band replacement to complex controls issues, our teams are in place and ready to service your needs to ensure you get to most out of equipment now and in the future.

Industrial Services

Technical Support & Remote Service

Russell Conveyor & Equipment can provide service and support over the phone and remotely as well. If you need assistance call our service department and in a lot of cases, someone can help you over the phone without the need for a service call saving everyone time and money. In situations that require more technical help, one of our control experts can log in to your system remotely and make adjustments or repairs without ever leaving the office.

Russell Conveyor 24-7 Service

Emergency Service

We provide 24/7 emergency service as well. Maintenance contracts need to be in place and the client should be registered in the system to receive this service. The process is simple though requiring very little paperwork to get registered with our service department.

Office Hours (8 am – 5 pm): 336.526.3014

After Hours: 336.972.8695

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