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MDR Pallet Conveyor

Easily Move Your Heavy Products!
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Quickly & easily move your heaviest products from one point to another with our MDR Pallet Handling Conveyor

Our expert knowledge of MDR Pallet Handling Conveyors is what sets us apart from the competition. Moving loaded pallets between work zones, loading areas, and palletizing operations can be problematic without the proper equipment. We can help with product flow and moving heavy loads safely and effectively. Pallet Handling Accumulation Conveyors can be easily integrated with new or older systems and provide zero or low-pressure accumulation. They are safe, reliable, and ideal for transporting heavy duty and bulky items.

Max Width (in's)

Max Capacity (lbs)

Max Speed (f/min)

Our current Lead Time on pallet conveyor is 16 Weeks
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Features & benefits include:

  • Safety & Reliability
  • Decreased Forklift & Pallet Jack Traffic
  • Lower maintenance & labor costs
  • Quiet operation
  • Quick start-up and low maintenance
  • Prevents product damage
MDR Pallet Conveyor

Most standard pallets are in the 2,500-pound range, but our Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor can move loads up to 4,000 pounds. This is a great option if you need to move heavy pallets, but still want the benefits of the Motor Driven Roller (MDR) technology. Other applications of the MDR Pallet Handling Conveyor include load staging, stretch wrapping, strapping, and transportation.

MDR Pallet Conveyor

MDR Pallet Conveyor by Russell Conveyor

We also offer powered rotating turntables and pallet transfer systems to change the direction or orientation of the pallets being conveyed. Our robust design allows for a worry-free and steady transfer of product from one pallet to another. Turntables and pallet transfer systems can be fitted to various conveyor types including Multi-Strand Chain and Chain Driven Live Roller.

We can help determine if the MDR Pallet Conveyor is the correct material handling solution for your supply chain operation. There are several factors to consider: the weight of the loaded pallet, the correct path for the pallet, and determining how fast it needs to get to the end point. Other determining factors include the types of custom pallets being conveyed and what materials are loaded onto the pallet. We will help you design a complete pallet conveyor system best suited for your facility. Our experts are here to help you decide the best and most cost-effective conveyor line and pallet handling system.

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