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The Problems:

What can I say? Equipment installation isn’t easy. anyone that has ever done this for a living can tell you that this is the truth. There always seems to be some problem, that you didn’t plan for or some roadblock that you didn’t see coming. Conveyor installation is a lot like other construction trades, it relies heavily upon other trades and their ability to accomplish tasks before you arrive. It’s kind of like building a house, everyone knows you can’t do any Insulation work before the walls have been built. To be successful it takes lots of planning and coordination. Constant communication is an absolute must. All parties involved in the process need to daily discuss progress, challenges, successes and failures. That’s right we said failures. These failures may not even be the installers fault, but it happens to even the best crews. From broken lift equipment to power outages even the best installation crews have their fair share of problems. It’s how you respond to those problems that makes the difference.

The Keys:

There are THREE keys to managing these problems and failures. Those keys are Project Management, Determination and Flexibility. Even the best Project Managers if they lack determination and flexibility can become miserable failures in this environment. We have seen great Project Managers that just seem to lose all their resolve and heart if their schedule for the day has been altered by some unforeseen set of circumstances. A Positive attitude is the key.

The Success:

This is where we believe we set ourselves apart from the rest. Our conveyor installation approach sets daily goals and we just determine that we are going to accomplish those goals for the day even if it means working a little harder or staying a little later or adding a few more people. You have to have the flexibility to make these daily changes and just purpose in your heart that you’re going to accomplish those goals for the day no matter what hurdles you have to cross. Proper planning will always be the key to a successful installation but if your crew gets rattled easily by a change in plans then they are probably in the wrong line of work. After years of experience we feel like we respond very well to all the challenges associated with a successful install and have done our best to prepare our crews for those challenges even before they set foot on the job site.

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