MDR Flexible Conveyor

MDR Flexible Conveyor

MDR Flexible Conveyor. Great For Constantly Changing Warehouses.
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MDR Flexible Conveyor


MDR Flexible ConveyorMDR Extendable, Expandable & Flexible Conveyors are useful where movability, portability, and compactness is essential. They are typically used for high-volume loading and unloading of trucks into warehouses but have many other uses.

They are also beneficial in shipping areas where there is high traffic because they can be moved out of the way easily. They can be used in facilities where spaces such as aisles need to be open temporarily or where the loading/unloading location changes. These units can be portable allowing them to be moved around the facility, as needed. They can also be freestanding or connected to an existing conveyor system.

After use, the flexible conveyor can be truncated and stored away. The application and desired use will dictate whether an MDR Extendable or MDR Flexible is needed. We can help you match the correct unit to the right application ensuring you get your products to the desired location efficiently.

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