1IN Belt Tracking Sleeve/Band


1″ Tracking Bands.  Keep your Conveyor belts from moving!

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The 1" wide belt tracking sleeve/band is an innovative way to keep your flat belts from walking off the drive rollers. It fits tightly under a flat belt and stays put. The band can be easily installed onto a 1.9" roller. Usually, only one is needed on each drive roller. The 1in wide tracking band keeps your conveyor running smoothly by preventing the flat belt from moving off the drive roller during operation.

  • Prevents flat belts from walking.
  • Fits tightly under a flat belt.
  • Usually, only one is installed on the drive roller.
  • Easily to install.
  • Stays put. Will not move.
  • Orange or Black Color.

1/16″ thick 83A Durometers by 1″ wide


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