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Panel builds for custom electrical control panels are a common occurrence at Russell Conveyor & Equipment. For over 20 years, we have been building products that help move materials – from food to spent nuclear fuel. In some cases, customer-provided equipment will need modifications or add-ons to fit the overall design of the project.

At Russell Conveyor & Equipment, we offer a wide range of services to create industrial control panel designs and panel builds to fit the client’s needs. We also offer a number of power circuit components and products that provide power to control equipment and industrial machinery.

industrial control panel

Custom industrial control panels are the foundation of industrial automation control systems. They provide a way for machine operators to input data into the automated system, monitor processes, and troubleshoot malfunctions when they arise. No matter how quickly you would like your industrial control panel design to be completed, our team of experts is here to help get it done right!

We may use either existing designs from our catalog or draft new drawings to seamlessly integrate customer components into the overall cabinet structure

Benefits of a Custom Panel Build:
  • Reduced downtime & increased productivity
  • Full load time reduction
  • Increased power for motor drives
  • All information conveniently in one display
  • Convenient monitoring of industrial equipment such as conveyors, overhead cranes, and storage tanks
  • Allow for closer monitoring than what is allowed with remote industrial equipment monitoring systems

Panel building is an alternative to full-scale turnkey manufacturing or full-service engineering services that can provide compelling benefits at a competitive price.

When considering the full life cycle costs of custom electrical equipment, it’s important to consider full-load costs. For example, with steel-based mechanical components, the full load cost is primarily driven by material and labor, while electrical components drive full load costs primarily through procurement of parts and electronics with power conversion accounting for 10% – 30% of full load costs.

How We Do It

We are a UL508A Certified Panel Shop. We can work from your design drawings or begin with CAD (Computer Aided Design) plans that you provide us with for panel design. We can take your industrial automation controls projects from concept to production.

Our expert technicians will work with you to create the perfect industrial control panel solution—whether that involves designing new custom industrial control panels or retrofitting existing ones according to current industry standards. We will work with you to get your industrial automation control systems up and running safely, efficiently, and quickly so that you can enjoy all the benefits of automated industrial processing.

We design custom industrial control panels in accordance with UL508A requirements. We ensure consistent quality during each step of the industrial control panel manufacturing process—from design sketches to component installation on the final assembly line of industrial equipment.

We can build industrial control panels from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials upon request – please let us know if you would like to discuss custom fabrication services with one of our expert team members.

Requirements for Panel Builds

The national electrical code has several rules regarding panel builds. A primary rule is that the short circuit current rating should not be exceeded, thereby protecting equipment from potential damage in case of a short occurring within the panel or elsewhere. The national electrical code lists acceptable UL-listed panels for general-purpose use (except special occupancies, such as medical and hazardous locations).

In addition to national electrical code requirements, a panel must also meet local building codes to keep everyone safe. Many states have their version of the national electrical code, all with their requirements for electrical installations. State-specific codes can be found through state legislature websites.

When using overcurrent protective devices (OCPD), such as fuses and circuit breakers, be aware they require panel space and wire terminations. Ensure that the enclosures you specify provide adequate room for these items – most standard enclosures do not.

industrial control panel

In your control circuit components, ensure that the enclosures you specify provide adequate room for the terminal blocks and overcurrent protective devices required for your control circuits. Most standard enclosures do not.

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By choosing an industrial control panel over individual industrial monitors, companies save not only time but money as well through reduced downtime and increased productivity which results in more sales or faster production times resulting in faster delivery times.

We can provide a custom design with your needs in mind. Please contact us if you’d more information or would like to discuss industrial panel fabrication with one of our expert team members.

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