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Gravity Conveyor

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These units are just as the name says, non-powered and they rely on laborers or gravity itself to move loads by a gentle slope in elevation. If a company needs to store or move loads this is one of the most economical ways to it. You can use rollers or skate wheels located at varying rollers centers on the conveyor depending on the size and weight of the load you are moving.

Gravity Conveyors have many applications. Here are just a few.

  • Receiving or loading trucks
  • Picking areas
  • Divert lanes off sortation conveyor
  • Pallet or carton storage areas
  • Manufacturing facilities

One additional benefit of the gravity conveyor is the ability to upgrade it to MDR (or Motor Driven Roller) in the future. We do this for a lot of clients on a budget. It is very beneficial because it allows them the benefits of having a conveyor system while allowing them to upgrade it to a powered MDR conveyor as their time and budget allow.