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Gravity Conveyor

Gravity conveyor moves the world, including all your material handling needs.

These units are, as the name says, non-powered, free-flowing conveyor. They rely on laborers or gravity itself to move materials by a gentle slope in elevation. Suppose a company needs a conveyor to move loads across the floor with minor changes in heights. Gravity conveyor is the most economical and reliable material-handling solutions available. Gravity conveyor comes in three main types: standard conveyor rollers, skate wheel or wheel conveyor, and heavy-duty pallet conveyor. Bed sections come in various widths and lengths with curved sections as well. Depending on the material’s size and weight, we can adjust roller spacing to fit any needs you may have. Gravity can be an excellent option for either light-duty or heavy-duty situations. A gravity-fed conveyor is inexpensive to buy and to operate compared to other types of conveyors. You are not utilizing motors of any kind, whether the newer 24v DC or something else requiring motor power sources. These conveyors work and are very good at moving loads from point A to point B.

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Gravity Conveyors have many applications. Here are a few.

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One extra benefit of the gravity roller conveyors is that it allows for growth. You can upgrade it to MDR (or Motor-Driven Roller) in the future. When you buy your gravity from us, you know that in the end, you know that you will convert it to powered, let us know. And we will price the correct frame size and use Idler rollers. Doing so will allow you to convert it later at a much more reasonable price in the future.

We do this for a lot of clients on a budget. It is very beneficial because it allows them the benefits of having a conveyor system now. And allowing them to upgrade it to a powered MDR conveyor system as your budget allows.

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