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AGV Systems: A Proven way to solve your low productivity

By Josh

February 4, 2021
What Is Automatic guided vehicles or AGV Systems and the Future of Material Handling Equipment

AGV Systems are the best way to optimize your fulfillment rate

What is are AGV Systems

AGV Systems or Automated Guided Vehicles are robots that assist with production and material handling in industrial and manufacturing facilities. They move products quickly and glide across the production floor without causing accidents or losing products. They increase production flow while enhancing fulfillment rates. AGVs offer many benefits, including performing mundane tasks and allowing operators to improve product delivery speed.

AGV systems are a type of material handling equipment that uses conveyor systems and act as payload carriers. They travel a predetermined path, marked by lasers or magnetic tape, doing routine tasks.
Designed and programmed, AGV systems’ primary task is to move goods. They go by various names, including autonomous vehicles, automated, self-guided, laser-guided, and self-driving vehicles. The goal is to move material handling products to a distribution center automatically. It uses a crewless mobile robot vehicle to transport products from one place to another.

Automated guided vehicle systems are usually tasked with the storage and retrieval of goods in a warehouse setting. Goods can be located in any warehouse or specialized storage solutions system, from standard pallet racking to drive-in racks. With their laser guidance, these robots allow order pickers to be more efficient while maintaining high safety standards due to collision avoidance. They can pick ordered products from platform trucks to trailers.

They are also used to produce finished goods and can transport goods from one plant to another without product damage. AGVs excel in the loading and unloading heavy bulk material handling items showing the importance of having automated heavy material handling systems at your disposal.

Automated industrial trucks use many distinct types of AGV material handling equipment. They use forklift trucks, conveyor systems, hand trucks, and pallet jacks to complete their tasks. These tools allow the moving of enormous quantities of materials to be much safer and faster.

Automated conveyor belt systems are cost-effective and can boost any business’s bottom line by speeding up processes, recovering hidden areas, and reducing errors.

Warehouse automation is becoming the new normal in manufacturing and warehouse operations.

Benefits of AGV Systems

Specifically, these robotic systems can help solve a variety of distribution problems:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity by routinely performing mundane tasks
  • Reduce error and rework with a scanner system to ensure products arrive on time
  • Improve safety for employees by avoiding collisions
  • Enhance revenue by improving order fulfillment rates, delivery speed, and customer satisfaction
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Low maintenance
  • Navigation of narrow aisles
Automated guided vehicle

AVGs can cut the need for wages and benefits associated with full-time employees. They also allow companies to operate at a higher standard of safety with increased efficiency than manual equipment. They are growing in their abilities each year, and their use has significantly reduced labor costs across industries.

Automatic guided vehicle systems are engineered systems that perform most functions that need an employee to be present. Tugger AGVs can pull heavy loads with a hitch attachment. The motorized vehicle performs the tasks of transporting and handling heavy materials as a unit load.

These heavy bulk materials include steel, metal, glass, and others. There are also Unit Load AGVs used for smaller, lighter loads.

AGVs span all industrial sectors. In a highly flexible manufacturing application where synchronized production lines are not practical, they can deliver parts to machines and workstations to synchronize production flow. For example, they can use an automated guided cart to transport raw materials from storage to production in an industrial warehouse.

They can also provide the materials to a production line in an alternate location. They can supply those raw materials without human operation or intervention ensuring the production line always has the material it needs.

Another added benefit is managers can shift work processes to the appropriate machines or workstations and coordinate with workstations to identify, store, and maintain areas for current and added items.

In some applications, especially variable ones where items are scanned or weighed, AGVs can help tremendously. Operators use barcode readers connected to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or a Warehouse Management System (WMS). AGVs offer technologies that provide the ability to interact with these applications, such as computerized inventory and warehouse management systems.

Using AGVs for routine tasks can be beneficial, especially if the position is challenging to fill. AGV forklifts increase warehouse productivity by expanding the way the company manages products. Automated trucks can run many shifts throughout the day without stopping.

This investment for your warehouse leads to fewer workers and a more robust bottom line. You can then reassign current workers to more productive tasks.

Automated trucks and engineered control systems enable mechanical movements and material transport in the manufacturing, sales, or storage equipment industries.

The Future of Robotics in Manufacturing

Warehouse automation is becoming the new normal in manufacturing and warehouse operations. The need for intelligent solutions continues to grow year over year with increasing consumer demand. AVG’s demand will only continue to grow as well.

Air bearings are one of the continuing developments that have attracted so much attention recently. Using air bearings increases the AGV’s ability to bear loads effectively across multiple surfaces.

As costs continue to fall, the ability to improve sorting and picking will increase. It is making the option of AGVs more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Our AGV solutions team ensures that the automated material handling equipment works correctly and safely. This control system optimizes the AGV’s route to the most efficient path through the plant, increasing the delivery speed and efficiency.

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