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Preston’s Recap: May 2024

By Preston

May 23, 2024
robot on a conveyor line

Preston's May Recap

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing and logistics, technology continues to redefine efficiency and productivity. I have had the pleasure of seeing these impressive robotic systems firsthand at the tradeshows I have attended job sites as well. There was a lot of information covered in the blog posts that were posted the past couple of weeks. Join me as I give a recap of the “’Rise of Robotics” & “Our Powerful Conveyor Accessories Guide”.  

May 7th: Rise of Robotics

yellow robot picking an order from boxes on a shelf

AGVs equipped with sensors and navigation systems – provides fast and accurate deliveries. AGVs help to eliminate time from Point A to Point B. We have integrated our equipment into smart factories where AGVs are responsible for taking product from our conveyor to its next destination. Having seen how impressive robotic technology can be, it is truly remarkable how fast technology has improved! Talking to our design team, I was able to observe the custom designs that we have implemented in the past for AGV applications that allow for seamless integration at the end of our conveyor.  

Robotic picking/packing has taken the once heavily manual labor dependent process and turned into a more efficient & accurate automated one. We have been in warehouses where robots are sent to retrieve or put away items into an AS/RS system. Our conveyor systems are often placed in robotic palletizing systems, as well as end-of-line packaging automation systems. We have seen the rise of robotics firsthand with the change in the applications where we have been providing our conveyor systems. Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant increase in robotic applications.  

It seems that these collaborative robots have increased in popularity as a plethora of Cobot manufacturers were recently featured at the “Automate 2024” a couple weeks ago in Chicago. The reason for their popularity is due to their ability to be able to work safely with their human counterparts. In the past, robots were in a work cell surrounded by safety fencing, but with their advancement in the safety features, human material handlers can now work with them for enhanced workflow! Recently I saw a demonstration of a robotic arm working side by side in proximity, clearly displaying the advancements.  

May 14th: Conveyor Accessories Guide

There are countless conveyor accessories that customers look to add. Our experts help our customers figure out which accessories are essential to achieving their goals. There are so many to choose from: Omni-directional sorters, 90-degree transfers, control cards, rollers, etc. We are all about finding the right accessories and components for you, regardless of brand. Figuring out what you specifically need can be daunting, but with our team at Russell, we can get you the best cost-effective solution.  


Russell Conveyor has experience integrating our conveyor systems with various robotic systems. We are at the forefront of new technology and look forward to the continuous advancement of warehouse automation. We have been experiencing some advancement in our technologies as well, with the new in-house sorter, and the addition of Conventional Conveyor to our pre-existing MDR line. Give us a follow on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter to keep with what Russell Conveyor is up to! 

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