Conveylinx ERSC control card by Pluseroller is the most advanced networked motor drive controller on market. It provides many innovative features for zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) or ANY application utilizing low voltage brushless DC motors

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ConveyLinx is a revolutionary new solution that gives you the ability to control virtually any motor-driven roller or gear drive application. Out-of-the-box, it functions as a zero-pressure accumulation controller for two PULSEROLLER Senergy motors and their associated pulse gear drives with just one single connection at your site by connecting them through Cat5 shielded ethernet cables using our standard product line up including Power supplies & Controllers alongside other accessories required when setting this system up!

Conveylinx provides a cost-effective and straightforward way to integrate your conveyor system with any PLC or industrial hardware. Integration can be done by connecting Conveying LinX over Ethernet, Profinet Link l/P protocol (using an interface file available on our website), Modbus TCP connection through a computer running the appropriate software package from Microsoft Commerce. Or you may use CC -LinkIE Field Basic setup procedure."

The ConveyLinx module enables local sensors and motors to be controlled by a PLC while also providing access for notifications on product arrival and release commands. The logic can go into I/O mode, which effectively turns the connected block into an output with control over two different motor speeds at specific zones within its field of vision

With ConveyLinx's capability of operating various ancillary equipment such as pushers, mergers, and transfers on your ZPA system or with PLC I/O Mode modules installed within it,
you can use the network to make decisions about which action should occur next. Data from zones will be automatically passed along when the product travels through any given zone without complex mechanical control, causing problems for operators; if more complicated operations like this are in place, then tracking information could come into play too!

When you need to control the more complex mechanical devices on your system, use ConveyLogix. This software tool allows for creating customized programs and downloading them directly into our platform to manage all motors easily.

With the EasyRoll settings backup file, you can always get your system back to its last known good operating state just in case something was unwittingly changed or modified.

  • 24V motor drive roller (MOR) control system
  • Two zones per module reduces cost and time
  • Simple Installation
  • Ethernet network protocols for all major PLC suppliers
  • High torque rated modules available
  • Freezer rated modules available
  • Accommodates mechanical brake roller option
  • ODVA Ethernet I/P conformance tested
  • PROFINET 10 conformance tested
  • ZPA logic built-in for quick installation
  • On-board programming available for specialized applications
  • CE Certified, ROHS Compliant. IP20
  • Option for ETL Listed (UL 61010-2 & UL 6101 0-2-201)
  • Provides control for 1 or 2 ZPA Zones or acts like an 8 In /2 Out Dual Motor control remote I/O unit to a PLC
  • Auto detection of PNP or NPN sensors and light/dark operate when configured for ZPA control
  • Single push-button Auto-configuration from a single controller to configure up to 221 controllers on a network
  • 3-Port Ethernet switch with standard RJ-45 ports for easy daisy chaining of network cables from controller to controller
  • 9 Pin JST style header socket for motor connection
  • Thermal and overload motor protection plus optional Proportional-Integral regulated motor speed control
  • 4 RJ-11/12 ports for easy plug and play connections for sensors and interlock signals
  • 8 Tri-colored context sensitive LED indicators
  • Recognizes Ethernet I/P, Modbus TCR Profinet I/O, and CC-Link IE Field Basic protocols on the same controller
  • Motor speed (Eco and Boost Modes) and ramp parameters and ZPA adjustments accessible with the ConveyLinx EasyRoll Configuration Software
  • User programmable functionality available with ConveyLogix Software (see for details)
Input Voltage 18 to 28VDC
Input Power NEC Class Il Certified
Rated Motor Output Current 2.5A x 2 (ECO), 3.5A x 2 (Boost and soost-8)
Available Starting Current 3.OA x 2 (ECO), 5.OA x 2 (800st), 8.OA x 2 (800st-8 HTF only)

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Standard, High Torque Freezer


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