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Accumulation Conveyors can be used when trying to buffer products down the conveyor line before going through the sortation conveyor. This conveyor can merge products or collect them at the end of the conveyor line where operators can palletize or pack them quickly for shipping. Knowing the right type of accumulation conveyor to use plays a vital role in how efficiently your conveyor system will handle your products.

A Zero Pressure Accumulation provides an extra buffer and speed option that allows for lightweight and fragile products to be moved without the risking of breaking or jamming into the accumulation conveyor line. A zero-pressure accumulation can use a blade stop to stop and start the accumulation process. The zero-pressure conveyor is always running once the products are released. It will continue at the same amount of speed, which allows you to get one package at a time or multiple cartons off the line at any given time to increasing productivity for the operators.

 The Accumulation Conveyor brakes:

With the MDR Accumulation Conveyor, products are being singled out by raising or lowering the physical stop and can implement a braking system to slow down or hold the products back. With the Accumulation conveyors, the cartons will queue up on a conveyor in-between processes product has become as essential to the conveyor system and as important as the belt conveyor. The Accumulation conveyor to process containers the entire system not only moves at a significantly slows down the production process along with a company needing many more operators to get the same job done. The Accumulation conveyor helps eliminate unnecessary costs and gets the job done quickly and accurately. 

MDR Conveyor

How do they operate:

Accumulation conveyors are driven by a chain or a small belt but can also be driven by a 24v roller. For the first 2, the diving mechanism runs continuously, and photo eye sensors actuate an air bladder to raise or lower the drive train to connect with the rollers. The 24v style accumulation conveyor the drive roller turns on and off to stop a single case in a zone. Accumulation conveyors can be zero contact or zone to zone contact. With both options, the sensors look upstream of the zone control. If a product is in this zone, meaning the current zone cannot move ahead. The drive apparatus drops out and allows the case to stay in the zone, while still allowing the rest conveyor behind it to run. This conveyor allows the process to move downstream to accept the product on the conveyor and move the cases forward.

What can an Accumulation Conveyor handle?

With our Accumulation Conveyor products, the cartons are singled out by raising and lowering the physical stop and implement a brake to hold back the accumulated product. With the accumulation conveyor, we use a zero-pressure conveyor. It is useful when designing a conveyor system to ensure you get the maximum use out of your conveyor line system. Photo-eye technology software uses standard buffers to controlling spurs with a zero-pressure accumulation conveyor. The conveyor can use in a fixed zone allocation mode. The zone mode takes one zone and assigns one product to that zone; this zone must be longer than the product conveyed. A dynamic zone mode that can be designed based on the average zone length uses the conveyor’s zone length then allocates an actual number of zones based on the product’s overall size. For example, if the conveyor has 24-inch zones, a 21-inch box will be assigned one zone, or 24 inches, while a 36-inch box will be between two zones or 48 inches. Cartons are transported or released, a gap equal to the length of one base zone is created between the cartons, regardless of the carton length. Upon release, the zero-pressure accumulation conveyor can either slug or single out boxes within the zones. 

Slug Mode vs. Single Mode:

Slug mode versus single mode can be described by the difference between a stoplight and a stop sign: slug mode releases all the boxes at once (stoplight), while single-mode releases cartons one by one (stop sign). Slug mode is typically used in high-speed merges or high-speed applications, while singulation mode is used in lower speed applications or at the end of line operators. The Zero-Pressure conveyor, while very useful and cost-efficient, can be used with a wide variety of sizes of boxes and a variety of weights. In this conveyor system, the boxes will not come into contact with each other, and because our braking system lightens the chance that a carton will be damaged during the shipping or manufacturing process. 

How to Utilize this Conveyor for your business:

The Accumulation Conveyor has very similar traits as a live roller conveyor. The difference between the two is simple; the accumulation conveyor differs because it can minimize and remove drive pressure. The little difference helps the accumulation conveyor to accumulate the cartons in a safe and controlled manner. The Accumulation of conveyed materials is helpful when cartons are fed into other stages in a handling pipeline including, but not limited to 

  • Loading
  • Sorting
  • Palletizing
  • Staging

For the conveyor module to be the most efficient, one must understand the abilities, its minimum pressure counterpart the zero pressure conveyors are implemented when accumulation is required when products don’t need to touch each other or come in contact with one another. This provides a solution for products of a fragile nature or to keep products from risking cross-contamination. 

How does this work?

It works when sensors activate components within the conveyor system that eliminates the driving pressure in zoned sections. The conveyor streamlines the process, by stopping and starting in the accumulation zone before being sent to the sortation to be shipped to the consumer. At Russell Conveyor our accumulation conveyor uses the Motor-Driven Roller technology built into the conveyor product cutting energy costs, reducing noise, decreasing line pressure build-up, and eliminating high repair maintenance costs associated with other traditional conveyor systems. Russell Conveyor can help you eliminate the traffic jams within your conveyor line system.

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